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A letter to my younger self about money...

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A letter to my younger self about money...

A letter to my younger self about money


If you could have your time again - what would you want your younger self to know about money? When we begin to think about our financial future and taking control of our finances, taking a look back to the money mindset we created as a child can help us to understand our behaviour and money mindset now. In this post we have a series of letters from female entrepreneurs and professionals writing to their younger selves about money, money mindset and attitude to money starting with mine! 

Letter to my younger self - Rebecca Robertson, Independent Financial Advisor

Rebecca Robertson


Dear Becky,

Don’t believe them. They aren’t telling you YOUR truth. They are telling you THEIR truth. Their version of events, what they understand from life. Its doesn’t make them right. If you want to be a vet, do what you need to make it happen. Just because they tell you that you aren’t capable enough, doesn’t mean they are right. They are only trying to stop you from getting hurt or disappointed. That failing would be the worse thing that can happen. Its not the worst thing, actually not trying and doing nothing is the worst thing. You will only learn by failing.

You will go onto achieve amazing things, win awards and a write books. All the stuff they are telling you, you aren’t capable of. Although I do wonder if we should thank them. Maybe you were driven to achieve because their lack of belief. Well, you have nothing to prove to anyone.

When Dad moans about things being too expensive and horses are for rich people, know that you will be rich as your heart wishes. Try not to get into too much debt in your twenties, that spending wont make up for anything. It will only hold you back on your future plans. Oh and get into investing sooner, don’t wait until you feel that its time to do. The right time will never come. 

So, do me a favour please. If you don’t want to do something, don’t say yes. Say No. check in with yourself and ask if that’s what you really want. Slow down, its not a sprint race, it’s a marathon. Things will happen when they need to and forcing it wont make it happen any sooner. So be kind to yourself and remember you are the best friend you have been looking for.

Lots of love,

Rebecca xxx

Letter to my younger self - Shelley Bosworth, Shelley Bosworth Life Coaching

Shelley Bosworth Coaching

Dear Shelley,

Do you remember how mum used to say money doesn’t grow on trees? How she always told us we couldn’t afford this, that an the other? That you have to save stuff for best? That we can’t have what we want all the time because we aren’t rich?

Well not everything she said was true, she didn’t mean to lie? 

She believed what she said … but please don’t let that hold you back.

Working hard, like you always have and will continue to do, will get you where you want to (you might not know where that is, that’s ok!) and I promise you’ll find that financial security you’re looking for … but when you get there, enjoy it!

You don’t always have to be waiting for financial disaster! Learn that a little earlier, we were heading for 40 when we realised and if I’m honest we still struggle with that one.

Most of all know this, you will be ok. You will always have what you need, it might not be the ‘rich’ you used to day dream about but you know now you don’t need that, you know now that rich isn’t a number, rich is a feeling, rich is the experiences you have and will have.

You have a rich life Shelley, enjoy it x

Lots of love,

Shelley xx

Letter to my younger self - Nonie Leonard, Nonie Leonard Events

Nonie Leonard

Dear Nonie,

I am writing this letter to you 10 years later from when you started to be financially independent. It seems like yesterday, you found your own place whilst at University and you started receiving your Student Loans.

Back then life was so simple, it was Uni-Work-Night Out and then back home! How I wish you had foresight to what your future 10 years would be like filled with credit card debts crippling you. It was so nice going shopping when you felt sad and with access to the bank overdraft you thought the money was yours until they wanted it back.

As soon as you finished uni and entered the working world, it was time to face your financial reality and oh my, you entered it with eyes wide open and with a vision to try and sort it out so you can be financially independent. That took a lot of discipline which you has to teach yourself from reading and watching other young women also trying to sort out their finances. How I wish you had someone during those years at university who could have been a support system and advise you on how to handle your finances.

Lucky enough for you, as you grew older you met friends who had wisdom and also on a journey of financial independence which helped you on your journey and to where you are today. Would you have thought you will be financially free and owning a home?

I am so proud of your journey from where you have been and the knowledge you learnt over the years. One tip I would give you is to learn how to not use money emotionally to make yourself feel better.

Take Care


Letter to my younger self - Krisha Davies, Supermumma 

Krisha Davies Founder of Mumma and Mia Super Mumma

Dear Krisha,

How nice is that new Paul Smith belt you have just treated yourself too! I know you will love it for a while! What you haven’t told anyone is that you paid for it on your overdraft. I can hear you saying that you will pay it off when you get paid, and in your head you really believe it! What I know is that it isn’t just a belt you will buy this month, it will be the matching shoes, and that you can’t pay it off this month because you still have to pay off last month! Plus, you have those store cards too! I know it makes you feel good to have these nice things, the problem is you can’t afford any of it. The high of buying it only lasts a little while until it is replaced with guilt and the worry of paying it all off.

I wish I could tell you to save a little more, that in years to come when you are married with 2 kids, those nice things will be at the back of a cupboard collecting dust. Your priorities will change, you will finally realise that, as nice as those things are, they aren't important to you anymore. A new top or a designer bag cant put food on the table for your children or pay the mortgage to provide a roof over your head. Your girls have no clue how much that bag was, and that you can’t afford to damage it with crayons, a leaking juice bottle and muddy clothes from the park. It is just a bag!

You worked hard for your money and still do, but if you had just been a little bit more sensible, instead of chasing an unrealistic lifestyle, you could have had some nice things and still have savings to buy a better first car, pay less each month on your mortgage, had savings to pay your bills when you got made redundant.

Money doesn't buy your happiness, it gives you freedom, independence, opportunity and more importantly it lets you provide a secure home with food on the table for your children.


Future (a little more sensible/boring) Krisha x

Letter to my younger self - Pamela Rae-Welsh, Manchester Branding Designer

Pamela Rae-Welsh

Dear Pamela,

Things are going to be ok you know. You should know that you are loved and cared for and that people are proud of you. You don't need to buy friends, and you dont need to work ridiculously hard to prove to people that you are worthy and successful. 

When you are older you will come to realise that you should have spent more time having fun and not trying to convince everyone that you are the best at everything. So rather than spending all that time working, go out and have fun. Explore more, take more adventures. Know that money and wealth and success will come to you because you do deserve them, not because you are sacrificing everything now. 

You will make everyone proud - so just enjoy being a kid for a bit. 

Lots of love,

Pamela xx

What letter would you write your younger self? Is it time to rewrite your money story and unlock some money blocks?