What do your spending habits say about you?

Are you are a splurger or a saver? Do you tend to spoil your loved ones and scrimp on yourself or do you love to treat youself as often as you can? Take our free money personality quiz and find out what your spending habits say about you and your approach to finances! 

Find out which of the four money personalities you are...

Why it is important to understand your spending habits...

Understanding your spending habits, and why you possibly spend the way you do can help you with:

  • Taking control of your finances
  • Gaining financial independence
  • Feeling confident with spending decisons
  • Planning for the future
  • Helping your children to understand money and budgeting
  • Releasing guilty feelings around money
Rebecca Robertson IFA

Hi! I'm Rebecca - wealth creation coach for the savvy woman, wife, Mother and horse Mumma!

I help women like you to release the shackles associated with money and finance, get you confident with your cash and planning for the future of your dreams. 

I believe in straight talking, no nonsense and most of all - no stereotypes. I want you to feel empowered to create the financial future that you want and deserve. Too many women defer to their partners when it comes to money and financial planning, or they procrastinate and don't take the steps that will give them the opportunity to achieve their goals. If that is you, and you want to change that, then I am definitely the woman to help you. 

Take the quiz today and lets get started on your next money chapter...

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