Do you feel that you have ‘bad’ spending habits and WANT to maximise your savings, giving you greater peace of mind knowing that you no longer have to worry about what’s coming around the corner and have greater financial security for your future?

Do you wish you could create a plan for financial freedom and abundance? Are you tired of not having control over your money and want to finally get that peace of mind and nail your finance mindset?


What are the benefits from completing this course?

  • Be able to understand your personal mindset around money and how you spend it
  • Know what your values are around money and what your short, medium and long-term goals are
  • Have a clear picture of your current spending patterns and what needs to be changed
  • To have spare money at the end of the 6 weeks
  • Understand where you're overspending and if you need to make adjustments
  • Create some financial foundation building with core milestones achieved. Put in place your savings pots to allow you to achieve your goals
  • Know where you might need to focus on your financial plans, providing you peace of mind on the next steps

What people have said about this programme...


The course is really well structured and walks you through in a really systematic way - which is ideal for those of us who are unsure of where to get started with it all.

I can see the route I need to take and the end goal. That is exciting to have that... half of the reason for the procrastination is not knowing how to move forwards... this course has eliminated that!


The Money Makeover is exactly what it says. I loved the combination of practical steps and seeing the habits that stopped us from getting the best from our money. The values, budget planner and pots really creates wealth.

We saved over £150 immediately on non-essentials - we are much more conscious of how we spend and invest. Becky makes the course really enjoyable - I learned loads - thank you!

"A great course for people to invest in to sort out their finances out once and for all" Michelle

Are you ready to take REAL action?

Do you want to be taken through a step by step process which includes:

  • Six one-hour webinars which you can watch in your own time
  • Access to a closed Facebook support group for weekly support
  • Weekly workbooks with notes and actions to follow
  • Checklists and tools to support you
  • Bi-weekly Facebook Live session Q&A

Introducing your host... Rebecca Robertson

Rebecca Robertson is an award winning, author, TedX speaker, founder and Independent Financial Adviser with 20 years’ experience in financial advice.

“The Money Makeover course is a 6 week course to stop you pouring money down the drain and start making amazing financial and money decisions.Having your money stuff together and in place will assist you in achieve these aspirations and more.”


# Week 1 Analyse your beliefs about money – what do you believe about money? What makes you tick? Assess what you do have in place and what your top five values are around money (we aren’t coaches around this subject but we just touch on it).

# Week 2 Compare your values against your assets  – assess your outgoings and spending patterns

# Week 3 Plan – create your 4 week detox and plan your future money goals

# Week 4 What are your spending pots? Where are you spending all your money each month? Have you got the Right spread across the right categories?

# Week 5 Start to create your financial plan – how and where you can save and what would that look like for you

# Week 6 What is the next step with your finances? What steps should you start to consider?

What's the offer? Just £350!

According to a survey conducted by UBS, only 23% of women globally take charge of long-term financial planning decisions...



When does the course start and finish?

The course starts as soon as you enroll and never ends. It’s a completely self paced, online course. You will receive joining instructions in your confirmation email and then access to the six one-hour videos which you can watch in your own time along with workbooks to download and bonus content.

What happens after I enroll?

You’ll be set up with instant access to your course and bonuses. You’ll be emailed your receipt and your welcome and your invite to join us in our online Facebook support group.

Do I have to finish the course within a certain timeframe?

Certainly not, you will have access to the course indefinitely however we do recommend that you try and complete the course within 6-8 weeks to get the most from it, especially if you are looking to have the 121 consultation at the end.  

Whats your refund policy?

If there was a technical issue with the program that meant you weren’t able to access it within the 6 weeks from when the program was brought you would be entitled to a refund. However for any other reason, would need to be agreed by arrangement as we are certain that there is so much value in this course it exceeds the current course price structure.

Can I pay for the program in instalments?

Want to split the payment by two months to help spread out the cost? Absolutely fine. The second payment will be taken automatically.

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