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The Money Mastery for Women Podcast. Let's get talking about money...

As a successful professional woman you don't need me to tell you that it is important to talk about money - it is just a challenge to find the time inbetween work, managing the home and family and trying to stay sane with some self care! Introducing the Money Mastery for Women podcast, a straight talking, motivational and informative podcast designed to keep you up to date on all things to do with your money, and crafting the financial future of your dreams.

With regular guests and insights into all things mindset, wealth creation and future planning delivered in my no nonsense and no jargon style, you can join me in talking about one of the most important aspects of all of our lives - money.

Money mastery for women podcast

Making sense of money - in an easy to listen to podcast for savvy female professionals

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Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson


Her social media following shot up to more than 50,000 after she made over half a million dollars in just 18 months. Lisa’s signature technique, called The CASsH System, helps her clients double their income but cut their work hours in half. She developed it after two decades of experience in finance, law and the entertainment industry which help her support her clients in every phase of business development.

Lisa has been featured on the BBC and in international publications, including The Guardian, Red, Psychologies and Huffington Post. A recent Forbes feature on her was viewed more than 250,000 times in less than a week. She also speaks on stages across the globe. Lisa lives in Hertfordshire, UK, with her Husband and 7 year old twin sons.

Dani Wallace

Former serial self-saboteur, having grown up on the council estates of Preston, Dani has survived the adversity of domestic violence, homelessness and single parenthood to become a leading voice in empowerment and have quickly become one of the most exciting motivational speakers to hit the UK stage in a long time!
Drawing on over 20 years' experience in business, from presenting & eventing to leadership & management training, Dani uses her knowledge of both traditional employment in the corporate sector and self-employment in the entertainment industry to deliver memorable, inspirational and thought-provoking talks in her own unique and distinctive style bringing truth, humour and a shit ton of practical advice.
And it is not just her own speaking that Dani specialises in. Through her world class courses, masterminds and VIP experiences Dani helps people all over the world from novices to celebrities, and enthusiastic amateurs to seven-figure earners create incredible talks that help them stand powerfully on stage, reaching more of their ideal audiences and making more money (And who doesn’t want that?!) 
Fearless leader of the I Am The Queen Bee Movement and creator of the Fly Anyway Foundation, Dani helps people the world over Show Up Wise Up and Rise and is a reminder to anyone who enters her orbit that they too, regardless of their journey can #FLYANYWAY!

Money Mastery for Women
Dr Jo Martin

Dr Joanna Martin

Jo is a renowned visionary, coach, speaker and entrepreneur whose message and work have directly impacted over 120,000 people on four different continents.

Before launching One of many in 2014, Jo worked as Head of Research and Training at one of the fastest growing personal development companies  on the international stage and launched Shift Speaker Training in 2008 taking it to 7-figures within just 12 months. She went on to share her speaking success secrets with over 23000 business owners over four years.

One of many exists to help women leaders to increase their impact without burn out. Since launch, One of many has reached over 60,000 women around the world. Our tools and principles have been applied by women in industries across the spectrum: rail to real estate, pharma to finance, politics to police, manufacturing to medicine, law to life in general!

An internationally acclaimed and award-winning speaker, Jo is also a diplomatic wife, a sometimes-too-tired mother, a protective sister, and a caring friend. She is a committed financial investor in the work of The Hunger Project and has trained over 70 of their fundraisers and facilitators.

Helen Pritchard

Winner of the 2020 FSB Awards ‘High Growth Business of the Year’ and 2019 EVA ‘Internet Industry Award’, online marketing specialist Helen Pritchard is on a mission to help millions of people go from struggle to success.

Over a 12-month period, Helen secured £1m worth of sales orders; made over 250 guest expert and podcasts appearances; and contributed to leading national publications including Coaching at Work.

Helen teaches her methods to a global community through her 12-week group coaching programme ‘LinkedIn Mastermind’; free ‘5-Day Challenges’; and free ‘LinkedIn Marketing’ Facebook group, which has more than 14,000 members

Money Mastery for Women
Lisa Wynn

Lisa Wynn

Global Leadership and Executive Coach, speaker, author, transformational leadership specialist and Strongwoman!

Lisa is a Master Certified Coach (International Coach Federation) and works with clients across the world to create lucrative, fulfilling businesses and companies.

Julia Bernard Thompson

With a Masters degree in Forensics it was either analyse businesses or analyse crime scenes and let’s just say one of them paid waaaay better than the other. Julia has worked in 7 & 8 Figure public and private sector companies as a corporate analyst.

She now bringsall of those analytical expertise to her clients to help them cut through the “stuff” and sell what makes them big money.

Money Mastery for Women
Alison Edgar

Alison Edgar

Alison Edgar is a speaker, trainer, coach and author of Amazon International #1 and WHSmith top 10 business book, Secrets of Successful Sales

She has worked with some of the worlds’ top thinkers. From Dragon’s Den entrepreneurs, to Apprentice Winners and the biggest names in business including The Discovery Channel, NHS, WHSmith, and Sky.

Alison uses her years of experience from working in large corporates to becoming ‘The Entrepreneur’s Godmother’ to motivate, inspire, and teach new skills to people around the globe.

Catherine Watkin

Catherine Watkin, founder of Selling from the Heart, is the UK’s leading expert in authentic and heart-centred sales.

She works with business owners who feel called to make a difference to others but struggle to get clients because they feel so awkward when it comes to selling their services.

Through her online course and membership she teaches them how to sell in a way that feels authentic and comfortable for both them and the client - so they are finally able to do the work they know they are here to do.

Catherine is an inspiring role model for how it is possible to create a successful business without resorting to sleazy or manipulative sales and marketing techniques.

Money Mastery for Women

And Me!

Rebecca Robertson IFA

As a busy Mum, entrepreneur and woman I completely get where you are coming from and I am super excited to bring you this new podcast which is going to bring you so much insight into how you can create the financial future that you really want. 

With 20 years of experience in the sector, and an incredibly busy life to manage I know how challenging it can be to keep on top of everything and make decisions about creating the wealth of your dreams. 

I really hope that you enjoy my podcast series - make sure you share it with your friends and feel free to get in touch if you would like to take part if you think you have expertise that my audience would get value from!

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