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When looking for a female financial advisor to support you with your long term financial planning and wealth generation goals, you want to find someone that you can really connect with. Someone that you can establish a great relationship with, whether that is to discuss your savings and investments, your pension and retirement planning or your big money goals to achieve the wealth you both deserve and desire. 

As a female financial advisor with years of knowledge and experience in the sector, I have been privileged to work with some incredible clients to support them with building the financial future of their dreams. I'm proud to share this selection of testimonials of my working relationships. If you would like to have a discussion about your financial future, get in touch.

Rebecca Robertson IFA

Savings and Investments...

"I approached Rebecca for advice about my ISAs.  I was keen to make sure they were working well for me, and that they were also invested into funds that aligned more closely with my values.  Rebecca took time to understand my requirements, and researched suitable options for me, explaining her suggestions clearly and without jargon.  Throughout the process I was impressed by her knowledge and experience.  I found her easy to talk to and felt that she understood my requirements well.  I am very happy with the service she provided and would recommend her to others."


Financial advice for women needing a confidence boost...

"I was looking for some advice on how to manage finances in my specific situation - doing ok, but wanting to plan for the future, and also looking to go freelance from a full time job and wanting advice on whether this was feasible and how it might affect things like remortgaging. 

My sister-in-law recommended Rebecca as a financial advisor and I signed up for financial coaching sessions. From the first session, I felt like I had a much better handle on my situation. It gave me the confidence that my career plan wasn't reckless or out of reach, and what I needed to consider and plan for. Rebecca talked through everything and discussed my specific concerns and situation, and also told me how to start actually assessing income vs spending and the tools I could use. I had further sessions where we looked at what I had found about my spending and priorities/requirements, and how to handle things moving forward, including as I left my job and started up as a freelancer. Rebecca was knowledgeable, but always very flexible and realistic, emphasising that it was important to consider my priorities and how I approach things, rather than offering generic advice that didn't really fit with my situation or wouldn't be sustainable. She was also very accessible between sessions if I needed to clarify anything. 

Initially I felt like I 'ought' to be better at just doing this myself, but it wasn't happening and I was a bit lost at how to plan ahead. It was really helpful to be able to go through everything in detail with Rebecca and think about how to move forward and set up good new habits. Getting practical advice on going freelance was also invaluable, and gave me the confidence to take the plunge while still being financially sensible. Thank you!"

Eloise Aston, December 2019

What were the circumstances that caused you to look for a financial adviser?

Long term financial life planning.

How did Rebecca Robertson help you?

Rebecca listens and helps you to focus on your whole life and what's Important in order that your financial plans support that. She's great at listening and gently challenging to widen your perspective. Since working with Rebecca, I've become more confident about my long term plans.

Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?

I have a plan in place that I and Rebecca monitor regularly so, yes.

Verified Client, Leicestershire

Financial Planning advice for women without the jargon...

Before I started working with Rebecca, I was feeling overwhelmed and struggling to make a decision as to how to best manage an inheritance on a long term basis. I’m so glad I got in touch with EFW. Rebecca really helped me to get some perspective, and gave very clear cut practical advice as to what options were available to me.  It’s changed the way I think about financial planning - it feels much less stressful and daunting with Rebecca's advice and support.

 Now, I feel much more in control and that I am making the best possible, informed, choices for me and my family. I would highly recommend Rebecca’s services - she's been an amazing help.

Mrs Jackson

Making long term financial planning for women less scary...

I joined Rebecca's group and participated in her February Money mindset challenge over 4 days. It really helped, was fun to do and opened my eyes to making money issues feel simple. Im not a numbers girl but working through the challenge has encouraged to stick with the strategies she taught us! Thank you Rebecca I love how you keep it simple, down to earth and share lots of helpful tips too! would highly recommend you!

Lisa Barker, March 2020

I contacted Evolution to get some advice regarding my pensions and they set up a call with Rebecca, who was great to talk to. Very friendly and knowledgable. She was completely up front with me, advising that using a financial advisor probably wouldn't be in my best interests but still helped me think through my alternatives. I thought that demonstrated real integrity, so I would highly recommend getting in touch with her for advice.

Nicky Rae, Facebook Review

When I took over the coordination of my Children's Trusts, there had been a lot of previous mistakes that I had to untangle. Rebecca helped me sort through the mess and took the time to explain what I needed to do at every step. When it came to the investments, she looked at the family and our financial goals as a whole and made projections so we could assess the return on investment. Again, she made sure at every stage that I understood what was happening and what I needed to do. It was a big relief to finally have someone in charge that I could rely upon.

Verifed Client, Cheshire

What were the circumstances that caused you to look for a financial adviser?

Realising that we had very little financial knowledge and wanting to start planning for retirement.

How did Rebecca Robertson help you?

Immeasurably! Rebecca has taught us patiently and with great kindness. She has worked with us to help us understand how to best utilise the assets that we have and how to steadily increase our investment savings. Rebecca has never pushed us or become impatient even when we've dithered and been distracted from our own goals.

Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?

Yes, we have already set up pension plans and are saving regularly.

Linda, Surrey

Is it your turn to get advice?

Whether you are looking for advice to sort out a particular issue within your current finances, or you want to take control of your financial future and create a plan for wealth generation and retirement planning, then I would be delighted to support you with independent financial advice that takes into account your lifestyle, your goals and your situation to ensure that we create a strategy which will work for you, and that you can commit to without feeling an additional burden. 

I'm passionate about being a female financial advisor that cuts through the jargon and gives you clear, measurable advice and actions. Get in touch with me today and lets take your financial wellbeing to the next level...